Macabi for Men

About The Macabi For Men

The Macabi Skirt can also be worn by men! The Macabi Skirt is the original unbifurcated adventure travel garment, for guys who truly know no fear. We are the Macabites, the international community of rugged individualists who proudly display our kilt-like MUGs on trails, rivers, mountains and beaches around the world.

We admit it. It hasn't always been this way. For long, humid years we suffered the fate of summertime trouser-wearers everywhere. One by one, we discovered the Macabi. We discovered freedom. No more fear. No more hate. No more excessively restraining apparel. This garment was invented by Carol Louder, an ingenious adventurer of a woman who somehow guessed all our apparel-related wants and needs, only she called it a skirt! A skirt? For men?

We conspired. We schemed. Our dignity was at stake. Alternative name options wore thin like so many corduroy inseams. The Kiltster. Unipant. The Original Adventure Travel Wrap. We faced our demons, stared into our souls, and we knew. It is what it is. In Australia, they call it a men's unbifurcated garment. We call it a MUG. But you can call it a skirt if you like. You see, we've been liberated.

Free your manly self, and order your Macabi today. Read about your unfettered fellow Macabites who have worn their MUGs to the ends of the earth. Or read on to learn the 5 Rules of Survival for MUG wearers everywhere.