The New 3-in-1 Macabi Convertible Jacket™

The New 3-in-1 Macabi Convertible Jacket™

Protection, Versatility and Style

Macabi Jacket The new Macabi Convertible Jacket™ from Macabi Travelwear is more than a jacket or a cover-up. Made of lightweight, quick-dry and virtually wrinkle-proof Supplex®, it’s easy to pack, easy to wash and dry, and offers protection from the elements with 3-in-1 versatility. Plus, it has an UPF 25 rating to protect shoulders and arms from the sun’s harmful rays.

Unlike its bulkier zip-off sleeve predecessors, the Macabi Convertible Jacket™ is designed with a woman’s figure in mind, with sleek lines that follow women’s curves. Since the jacket is lightweight, it packs down to almost nothing. This jacket can be worn as a regular jacket, a vest or a long-sleeve shrug, making it an ideal 3-in-1 cover-up for traveling, active sports and casual wear:

  1. Worn together, the vest and shrug create a jacket that provides protection from the elements.
  2. Worn alone, the reversible body-skimming vest has two zippered slash pockets and an interior pocket designed to secure passport or money in a safe location, close to the body.
  3. Worn alone, the shrug covers shoulders and arms from the sun when working outside, fishing, paddling, boating or attending a sporting event. It’s ideal for hot days where a jacket or a long-sleeves cotton shirt would be too much in the heat. Plus, it looks great when worn as part of a casual about-town outfit with your favorite jeans. Cute dressmaker details such as button loops complete the look.

Macabi Jacket Macabi Jacket Macabi Jacket

The Must-Have Travel Essential for the Female Traveler

With most airlines charging $25 or $50 for checked baggage, more people are traveling with carry-ons, making it more important than ever for the savvy traveler to pack efficiently and compactly, while still prepared for just about any wardrobe eventuality.

The Macabi Convertible Jacket™ takes the woman traveler from mountain to Main Street. It’s stylish, comfortable and versatile—an essential must-have for today's travelers.

Sun Protection with Style & Versatility

Today the dangerous consequences from sun exposure are everywhere in the media, constantly reminding women that if they don’t take steps to protect themselves now they will pay for it down the road. Often, women find that sunscreen is not enough and look for something to cover up with, but find jackets and long sleeved shirts far too hot to wear. This is the beauty of the new Macabi Convertible Jacket™ – because although it’s a jacket, it’s also much more and much less!

Color: Bark with Charcoal on reverse side of vest.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. View sizing chart

Price: $89.00 USD