How it Works-Men

Kosmo Kramer

How It Works

A Macabi MUG is more than a kilt or a manskirt. It is the first Men's Unbifurcated Garment built specifically for adventure travel. Smart, rugged, comfortable and versatile, a Macabi MUG will free your mind, body and spirit. Liberate yourself in an open world, unfettered by outdated societal norms, unrestrained by leg-specific garments.

Macabi Skirt

Macabi for Men Macabi for Men Macabi for Men Macabi for Men

1: Unleashed. Unconquered.

Never again will you ask who wears the pants. It's day eight of your 200-mile trek through the Sierra Madre, and you're the only one in the group who's not suffering from crotch rot. Welcome to the liberated, ventilated world of the Macabi.

2: Bifurcate on the Fly. (um, We mean "fast." Ouch!)

At times you may feel the desire to rein in your free-flowing freedom. Say, dinner time in Dubrovnik after a day of kayaking on the Adriatic Sea. No need to trouser up. Just snap the Pant Clip™, and your Macabi becomes a stylish, vaguely eastern-looking pant-like garment.

3: Go Where No Pants Have Gone Before.

Casting on the Rio Negro? Skip the waders! Just engage the Wading Snaps™ and walk right in. The water's fine, and so is your Macabi. Not only does the Macabi convert into wading shorts. It's also constructed from quick-drying, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant Supplex™ fabric. So you'll be dry by the time you get back to camp.

4: Oversized Storage: Don't Leave it Home.

Finally, pockets big enough to carry your gear. Or an extra pound of trail mix. Or your camera. Or your dad's 50-pound key ring. They're like internal cargo pockets: big enough to be useful, yet out of the way in the Macabi's loose skirting. Plus, there's a zippered security pocket for your valuables.

Read the story behind the Macabi for Men. See what your fellow Macabites are saying. Ready to debifurcate your wardrobe? Get your MUG today.