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Not just for travel
Wednesday 01 June, 2016
I adore my Macabi skirts. I find them extremely practical, functional, and elegant when styled properly. I am a carry-on only traveler, and my Macabi skirts are always the first item I reach for when I travel. Mine have been to the cities, contrysides and coasts of Greece, Croatia, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, and both coasts of America--and perfectly matched each travel situation. Macabi skirts are also a spring through fall wardrobe staple in my daily life. I find these skirts perfectly suited to a full day of errands and household duties, and then can be dressed up quickly if we go out to dinner. Thank you Amy for creating such an innovative and lovely garment!
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Testimonial By: Sarah - , Washington, D.C.
An older man thinks it's surprisingly good
Wednesday 03 February, 2016
As a person of the male persuasion, and having achieved "an age", I am trying to overcome a lifetime of habit, and become used to wearing MUGs in public. If you stop and think about it, it makes a LOT more sense for men to be wearing unbifurcated garments than it does women. The roominess, the fresh air... I've been wearing a hiking SportKilt for my frequent hikes on a local trail, and, in really warm weather, a shorter women's hiking/sport skirt. Both are very VERY comfortable. I much prefer them to pants and shorts of any kind. Early in the Fall I ordered a Macabi skirt, with misgivings, because it's so much more expensive. I was totally sold on one wearing. It's long enough for warmth as the thermometer goes down, but is so light and spacious that the longer length doesn't flap around your ankles all the time. Light, supremely comfortable, versatile - men, do not hesitate. I rarely see anyone out on this trail, but, when I have, no matter which MUG I've been wearing, the only comment has been "I like your outfit". In the Spring, I'll order a shorter one. Do it. You won't regret it.
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Testimonial By: Court Gettel - Rutland, VT
The Single Most Useful Piece of Clothing. Ever.
Wednesday 03 February, 2016
I bought my first Macabi skirt about 12 years ago in anticipation of a trip to Panama and Costa Rica. I knew it would be hot and very humid at the coastal locations, and I thought it would be great to have a versital piece of clothing that would allow air to circulate. I wore this skirt every day, on hikes, over a bathing suit to the beach (you can pull it up under your arms and change on the beach!), dressed up for dinner on the ship. On an especially rugged hike in Manuel Antonio Park, I was the only woman who didn't complain of sweaty clothing sticking to my skin. I am now back in Panama having just finished a day kayaking on a river with the skirt snapped up on all sides. I was cool, protected from the sun and when it got wet, it dried almost immediately. I use the cord with the clips on each end to attach my over-the-shoulder purse to myself! Should anyone try to grab it, they would have to take me along for the ride! I have another new skirt, a shorter length charcoal, and with less material and I am saving this one with happy anticipation, to wear once I get to cooler Spain in three weeks. I expect it to look as great with sweaters and flats as my navy blue long one does with halter tops and sneakers. My next purchase? The short one! Makes me want the next trip to happen soon.
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Testimonial By: Susan Schiongalla - Thousand Island Park , NY
working woman and mother
Wednesday 03 February, 2016
Your skirts hold up well over the years. I bought my first one in 2008. I have several that I have bought (5) and they wash and dry quickly. I have worn them at the beach in the surf, at Disney, and to work. It is hard to find long skirts that don't rip and tear. I am 5'7" and a plus size woman. I can wear them instead of shorts or jeans and don't have to worry about ruining them.
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Testimonial By: Linda O'Brien - ,
Great product for vet tech
Friday 22 January, 2016
I just returned from a veterinary conference in Orlando. I wore the skirt on the plane, and to a full day of lectures. It is wonderful!! I was able to dress it up or down, wore it with boots, regular shoes. I didn't have an opportunity to try the pants options, but will probably do that later on. I bought the charcoal, slim skirt, and it went with all of my tops!! Thanks for a great product.
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Testimonial By: Laura Dolph - La Vergne, TN, United States
One awesome piece of clothing
Sunday 10 January, 2016
I am a 6' tall woman and I ordered a medium long. I have not worn my skirt yet, but just trying it on and figuring out all the variations...I'm so impressed. The fabric is very lightweight but durable, the optional ways to wear it go from elegant long skirt for dinner out, to bloomerish shorts for scrambling up a steep trail the next day. I'm looking forward to wearing it on the trail. The only slight concern I have is that the fabric is kind of noisy. I'll see if I notice that outside. The deep pockets are wonderful! Most women's clothing has tiny little pockets...these are meant to actually put something in.
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Testimonial By: Marty Epp-Carter - Greenville, SC, United States
Love it
Friday 11 December, 2015
I love the light weight of this skirt and that it fits large women like me. For me, the best thing is the zipper pocket. I do wish the large sizes came in short!
Testimonial By: Beth Eisenberg - CUMMINGTON, MA, United States
Great for Missions and everyday
Wednesday 15 July, 2015
I just returned from a week long Mission trip to Haiti where I wore my Macabi skirts coming, going, and every day! They were hands down the most comfortable and versatile garments I brought. Our team did construction at a high school and worked at an orphanage. We had excursions, walked the streets, rode Tap Taps, held babies, and climbed scaffolding. My macabi skirts were ways to clean, quick to dry, comfortable to wear, and culturally modest. I donated my zip off travel pants at the end of the trip, but my Macabi skirts came home for the next time!
Testimonial By: Doreen Ray - Stanfield, NC, United States
Just Right
Sunday 19 April, 2015
I just got back from Utah and canyon country. Hiked in my Macabi skirt and loved it. Pants option was handy for scrambling up and down over rocks and pour-offs. With tights, it was plenty warm, too. Recommend highly. It's going with me to NYC and Paris.
Testimonial By: Susan Prince - Alta, CA, United States
Versatility at it's greatest
Tuesday 07 April, 2015
I do not fit the typical traveler profile. I'm a stay-at-home-schooling-mom who decided to check out Macabi for a Missions trip. I receive my first Macabi, and two more quickly followed. I've wear them several times a week to all of my activities, pretty much, you name it, I might choose to wear my Macabi! Online sizing tips are accurate, don't ignore them! I overdyed my Terra Cotta skirt to black (stitching tags and labels must be polyester because they didn't take the acid dye, google it) because it did not play well with my other clothes. I actually like the contrast stitching. My other colors are charcoal and sky blue. With the proper "unders" (dri fit shorts, split slip, merino or fleece leggings/tights) I can comfortably wear my Macabi in temps from the teens to over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. They don't really touch sweaty areas, so re-wearing isn't an issue, but a quick wash and in 10 minutes they feel dry. My only dilemma is which one to not take, I only need 2 for the trip!
Testimonial By: Doreen Ray - Stanfield, NC, United States
Either side of the world
Wednesday 10 December, 2014
I gambled on the size M blue, in long, and I love it. It looks better on that I anticipated, and when my husband and I took our return trip to East Africa it was perfect. It looked good and respectable, tucked up enough to wear on a boda, hid dirt, dried quickly, etc. A few times in conservative areas in blazing sun, I wished I'd gotten a shorter one, for more circulation. So far this isn't news. What made me want to come sing praises of this skirt, though, was last spring. I gave birth in April, and finding clothes that 1)fit, 2)don't hurt and 3)look decent in photos, is pretty hard. The first time I went out alone with the baby, I was wearing this skirt. The elastic was forgiving to my new waist, it went with any nursing top I could grab, and when I leaked breast milk all over it 5 minutes before a friend dropped by, it dried quickly and didn't show. And adventure pockets are good new-mom pockets. I wore it in our 1-month photos. It's an asset, whatever adventures you have.
Testimonial By: Natalie Weber - Seattle, WA, United States
short is fine, but size it down
Wednesday 20 August, 2014
I am 5'2" and I love my "short" macabi. BUT: I wish I'd order size S instead of M (my normal size 8-10)! You do not need that much fabric around your waist and it looks ugly if turn sides up (only if you want to scare villagers). I made some adjustments to wear it pants-like more comfortable. Also I found out that the skirt may work for recreational bicycling if you re-attach rising belt from center to side loop (it will rise your right side a little more and will drape the skirt more suitable for bike). I'd love to have a skort! Just want be sure that shorts part will not rise up when hiking. For now I'm wearing Nike's dry-fit running shorts as underwear.
Testimonial By: Ekaterina Shipova - Columbia, MO, United States
Most versatile commercial garment
Tuesday 22 July, 2014
Yeah buddy, the Macabi skirt is AFAIK the most versatile garment. You can even cycle with it on a gents bicicle by using the pant strap and pull it two times through the belt loop. The weak points of the construction are the D rings and belt loops, although a skilt seemstress can refurbish them. The material itself is rugged, tear resistant and quick drying but the stitches at the bottom D-ring came of at a certain time. The versatility comes with a compromise in terms of aesthetics. The pant configurations look baggy, so does the short skirt configuration. It is not that much of a problem, cuz you don't buy a driller for its looks. A good improvement could be the improvement of the stitches arround the D-rings and eventually belt loops. Improving the look in short skirt configuration would be nice, too.
Testimonial By: Christian König - Bochum, , Germany
1120 km hike in Spain in my Macabi
Sunday 15 June, 2014
I bought a Macabi skirt to bring with me last autumn on my camino in Spain. And I used it every day. I love it. versatile, dries fast, deep pockets and the secret pocket is really nice. I have recommended it to everyone who likes to hike. I used mine in churches and in restaurants on the trail and one cold night I had it on sleeping. I like that I can wear it long in the chilly mornings and just hook it up when the sun gets warmer. I just have one request, give me a strap that is not green with my 2 new i just ordered (red and grey).
Testimonial By: Beatrice Karjalainen - Boden, , Sweden
2179 Miles, 6 Months, Macabi on the Appalachian Trail
Monday 02 June, 2014
I bought my Macabi Skirt for a thru-hike that I began last year on April 3, 2013. I finished in October of 2013, 6 months later. During my hike I experience cold, thunder and rain, hail, strong winds and extreme heat. My skirt was worn 90% of my hike and it wore wonderfully! Sometime I could not wash my cloths for a week, so I lived with mud and dirt on me constantly, but I could usually brush it off or give it a quick clean with damp rag and it was good to go. In fact, the skirt became my trademark for the most part. Most people said I was the best dressed hiker on the trail! You can see some of my hiking photos on facebook. Feel free to message me:
Testimonial By: Midway - New York, NY, United States
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