Macabi Skirt

Diplomatic Seal of Approval

Wow! I can't say enough about the Macabi Skirt. I brought two skirts to India on a mission trip and wore them almost exclusively. Your skirts had speaking engagements, trapsed through villages, saw the Taj Majal, slept on overnight trains (morphing into pants) and danced a bit with the village women. The first photo is my Macabi Skirt visiting the Taj Mahal. The second, dancing with the village women outside of Hyderabad. The third, speaking at a project in Hyderabad. Macabi Skirts should have some sort of United Nations diplomatic seal of approval as they go a long way in communicating respect and empathy in global settings where outsiders may normally be viewed with trepidation.
Kudos again. Your Macabi Skirts are truly remarkable!!!!!!!!!

Susan Owens