Macabi Skirt

Altitude Records in Macabi Skirt

4300m/14100 ft. in Nepal, 4600m/15100 ft. on Killimanjaro, 5300m/17400 ft. in Tibet. Those are the present altitude records with my Macabi. Aiming higher again next year in Nepal!
From the first day I got my first Macabi Skirt it has been my favorite travel wear. I walked the famous Annapurna Circuit in Nepal in '06, visited China and Tibet in '07 and finally climbed Kilimanjaro this February along the scenic Machame route wearing one (except on the summit day). When the weather changes from tropical to semi-artic in a day, like it does on Kilimanjaro, only a skirt like Macabi can cope with the conditions. Not only once but several times on the way up I could overhear other female climbers say: "look at that lady, what a cool skirt!" while they were wearing overkill shell pants and heavy boots. And for the apres-climb party I just reached for my matching pashmina and turned myself into an instant party gal.

Tiina Uutela from Finland