Macabi Skirt

Valley of the Kings to Suez Canal

I just returned from my first trip with my Macabi Skirt. I love it!
The skirt toured through Egypt with me as it rapidly became the only thing I wore.
While climbing up to the tomb in a Giza pyramid, the air became thick and warm. The skirt was already clipped into pant position to allow for the steep climb but a quick snap or two turned it into shorts and allowed for more air movement. This kept me comfortable during the 215 step climb and allowed me to quickly 'drop my skirt' for modesty before emerging from the pyramid. The skirt went from mosques to 5 star dinner entertainment with ease, dressing up and dressing down in a flash.
When it came time to unexpectedly dip our feet in the Suez Canal I was able to step in with confidence, knowing my skirt would dry within minutes if I slipped and fell in. I always knew my passport was secure in the zipper pocket. I was able to keep my camera handy in one of the deep pockets and space for an Arabic phrasebook in the other pocket made making friends easier.

Jessica Dykes