Macabi Skirt

A Travel Experiment

JoEllen I. wrote this in her blog:
For this little jaunt to Guatemala, I have decided to try a little experiment to see just how little I need. I am going to pack extremely lightly (taking just my little black day bag) to see just how little I need. When I travel I usually take my big, red backpack and it works fine. But, since I am alone this time and have no one to watch my bag while I'm in the bathroom, I am going to try to carry as little with me as possible, thus eliminating the constant worry about what to do with my bag when I'm on the bus, climbing that pyramid, sitting in the hot springs, etc.
This is what I put in the bag:
1. My super-amazing, quick-drying, tiny folding, ankle-length, dark grey travel skirt with the deep pockets and secret zippered places for passports and cash. I love this skirt. It never wrinkles, dries instantly, shows no dirt, is light weight and comfy and also hitches up into something resembling shorts when I need to be more mobile. Oh, and peeing on the side of the road is totally easy. I will wear this nearly every day.
[On further inquiry, JoEllen confirmed that her skirt is a Macabi Skirt.]
2. Two pair of quick dry travel undies (wear one, wash one).
3. Two super-light weight, quick-drying travel shirts.
4. One tank top.
5. My fabulous Chacos (sandals).
6. Quick dry towel.
7. My pink sarong (with the 101 uses! A sarong is the most important thing when traveling. Use it as a towel, a blanket, a skirt, a curtain, a bag, a shawl, etc., etc., etc.).
8. Bar of soap
9. Toothbrush/paste.
10. My hippie deoderant crystal stone thing (I swear to God it works!)
11. Zip-off travel pants/shorts
12. One bra (I only added this so you wouldn't think I am going without!)
13. Small notebook/pen
14. Camera
15. Passport, cash, debit card.
16. Bathing suit.
17. Bandana.
18. Emergency poncho.
19. Fleece (doubles as pillow).
20. Small "medicine kit" of tums, immodium, benedryl, and bandaids.
This all fit in my small day bag with room to spare. I think I did pretty good and I honestly don't think I'll need another thing! Besides, if I do, things in Guatemala are super cheap. The other thing is I didn't have to buy a thing for this trip. It's nice having a basic supply of good quality travel supplies on hand.
I am not taking a travel book either. This trip is going to be about serendipitous encounters, not my nose in a Lonely Planet.
I can't wait!

JoEllen I.