Macabi Skirt

3 Skirts for 3 Weeks in Turkey

It doesn't matter if they allow 25 lbs (including carry on), 33 lbs or 44 lbs. We always pack too much. Taking three Macabi skirts to Turkey for three weeks in June solved all my problems. I was able to hike comfortably in my regular length bark skirt through Cappadocia, dress up my red grape long one with a shawl for dinner out in Istanbul, and in my long brick skirt, hitch a ride on a mule to the summit of Nemrut Dagi where the statues of the gods of antiquity lie scattered. These skirts changed character depending on the t-shirt or over shirt you put with them and how many sides were snapped up. Stylish and cool and ever so versatile. Plus, making use of some very primitive facilities proved much easier in a skirt! The others in our group in their pants were very envious. My guess is each has ordered at least one for their future travel.
I thought I would put my skirts away in my travel drawer for our next trip to Egypt, but couldn't resist wearing them for activities at home as well. This week I wore one to give a docent-guided downtown walking art tour around Santa Fe and another wet wading to catch the trout on the Pecos River. I'm adding black and rain colors to my collection and cleaning out my closet of travel clothes I never wore and now never will!

Beverlee A.