Macabi Skirt

3rd Runner Up in Photo Contest

I love my Macabi Skirts--whenever I travel they are at the top of the list. They are perfect in all kinds of weather conditions; if it's cold, I put on a layer of long underwear bottoms. I have hiked Glacier and Acadia National Forest in Maine in my Macabi Skirt and on a trip to Key West, Forida, they were great in the car - no sticking legs - and great for hiking around and touring.
I never travel on an airplane in anything but a Macabi Skirt because I am spoiled by the pockets which hold everything I need: ticket and boarding passes, reading glasses, pen, earplugs for the pressure, etc.
I teach Physical Education in an elementary school and wear these skirts to teach in. They are perfect in the fall and spring when it is too hot for pants and too cool for shorts. I can adjust the length all day long. My students love these versatile skirts and want to know where they can get one in their size!

Marcy Siegel