Invites conversation in Viet Nam

I bought the Macabi Skirt because it is comfortable, stylish, versatile, secure and convenient. As I travel in it, it's finest quality has become the way it invites conversation. On the windy deck of a ferry in Vietnam, I clipped my skirt into pants which attracted the attention of a group of school girls.
"(Giggle, giggle. Point, point. Giggle, giggle)." "Hi!" I smile and wave. "Giggle, giggle. What is that?" the girls ask as they and a couple of women move in for a closer look. "Skirt/pants," I twirl for the best effect. "Also shorts." (Snap, snap, another twirl). "(Gales of giggling). Where you from? Can I take a picture with you?" Out come the cell phone cameras! "Okay. Can I take a picture of you?" Digging my camera out of my pocket, I ask, "Do you like school?" "Yes." "What do you like best?" "History." "No!" "How old are you?" the girls ask. "62. How old are you?" "16. Where do you live?" "Arizona. Do you have brothers and sisters?" "Where is your husband?" Wheeeeee! The Macabi Skirt has once again worked it's magic!
Two Macabi Skirts, twenty-one days in Viet Nam & Cambodia. Cool, warm, short,long, comfortable, culturally neutral, the envy of my traveling companions. Next trip: Greece, mainland & islands and Istanbul. Love, love, love my Macabi Skirts!

Denise Cady