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There are 3 colors ( Mocha, Off White and Terra Cotta ) available for sale for all styles of Macabi Skirts now.

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Skirt for wanderers

Your travel companion- Macabi skirt

Amazing skirt for a non-skirt girl!

"I bought 2 Macabis last year for a trip to Mozambique and absolutely fell in love with them. Understand that I HATE skirts and avoid them at all costs...Until I found these! They are amazing. Cool, comfortable, easy to travel. I have worn them for outdoor manual labor, hiking, camping, international travel, dining out...and I just purchased two more in some fun colors! The versatility of the fabric and design is perfection. Thank you Macabi for creating the perfect skirt/not skirt!!!"

Our Story

Carol Louder Wanted a Skirt.

It all started with a bone fishing trip to the Yucatan. Carol knew a skirt would be ideal for the climate, and more respectful of the local culture. But it would have to handle the heat and the sun. It couldn't get tangled in her line. It would have to dry quickly after wading. After all that, it would have to stand up to cocktails and dinner. She was disappointed. No such skirt existed.

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Macabi How To

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Mt. Everest Base Camp

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Men in skirts in Burma

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Serengeti Breakdown

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A Country Walk in Wales

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Fundraising in Nepal