How it works

How It Works Women

The Macabi Skirt is the ideal companion for beachcombing in Baja, fly-fishing in Bozeman, sightseeing in Rome or gardening in your own back yard. Comfortable, rugged, and versatile, the Original Adventure Travel Skirt adapts to changes in the weather, your activity and your mood


1: The Trekking Skirt / Hiking Skirt / Cultural Respect Skirt

It's day 29 of your trek on the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. Tomorrow, your pilgrimage ends at the historic cathedral in Santiago de Compostela. Wash your Macabi in the hostel sink, dry it overnight and shake out the wrinkles. You'll feel modest and respectful in the same skirt that adapted to the rigors of the trail.

2: The Tangle-Free Fishing Skirt: Clip Into Pants!

Angling for tarpon in the lagoon at Boca Paila, the last thing you need is another way to tangle your line. No problem with the Macabi Pant Clip, it's a snap to tuck your skirt out of the way. You're free to fish, footloose and snag-free, without sacrificing cool, breathable comfort and protection from the raging sun.

3: The Kayaking Skirt: Snap Into Shorts!

You've got three hours between a morning of fly-fishing on the Dolores River and dinner in downtown Durango if you don't go back to your hotel to change. No problem! Engage the Macabi Wading Snap and your adventure travel shorts are good to go. Shake out the water and the wrinkles as you walk to the restaurant.

4: The Travel Photography Skirt: Love Those Pockets!

Strolling through Bangkok's Chatuchak open-air market, you glimpse an impossible stall overflowing with exotic orchids. Customs won't let you bring them back, but your camera, close at hand in your Macabi's oversized pockets, captures the memory. Your passport and cash are safe despite the crowds in the zippered security pocket.

How it Works Men
A Macabi MUG is more than a kilt or a manskirt. It is the first Men's Unbifurcated Garment built specifically for adventure travel. Smart, rugged, comfortable and versatile, a Macabi MUG will free your mind, body and spirit. Liberate yourself in an open world, unfettered by outdated societal norms, unrestrained by leg-specific garments.


1: Unleashed. Unconquered.

Never again will you ask who wears the pants. It's day eight of your 200-mile trek through the Sierra Madre, and you're the only one in the group who's not suffering from crotch rot. Welcome to the liberated, ventilated world of the Macabi.

2: Bifurcate on the Fly. (um, We mean "fast." Ouch!)

At times you may feel the desire to rein in your free-flowing freedom. Say, dinner time in Dubrovnik after a day of kayaking on the Adriatic Sea. No need to trouser up. Just snap the Pant Clip™, and your Macabi becomes a stylish, vaguely eastern-looking pant-like garment.

3: Go Where No Pants Have Gone Before.

Casting on the Rio Negro? Skip the waders! Just engage the Wading Snaps™ and walk right in. The water's fine, and so is your Macabi. Not only does the Macabi convert into wading shorts. It's also constructed from quick-drying, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant Supplex™ fabric. So you'll be dry by the time you get back to camp.

4: Oversized Storage: Don't Leave it Home.

Finally, pockets big enough to carry your gear. Or an extra pound of trail mix. Or your camera. Or your dad's 50-pound key ring. They're like internal cargo pockets: big enough to be useful, yet out of the way in the Macabi's loose skirting. Plus, there's a zippered security pocket for your valuables.