Our Story

Carol Louder Wanted a Skirt.
It all started with a bone fishing trip to the Yucatan. Carol knew a skirt would be ideal for the climate, and more respectful of the local culture. But it would have to handle the heat and the sun. It couldn't get tangled in her line. It would have to dry quickly after wading. After all that, it would have to stand up to cocktails and dinner. She was disappointed. No such skirt existed.

So She Made One.

After the trip, Carol set out to develop the skirt she wanted. Friend and cohort Ann Carter pitched in, helping Carol to design a skirt that uses clips and snaps to adjust to different circumstances. They selected Supplex™, a rugged, breathable nylon fabric that resists wrinkles, dries quickly and feels cottony soft. They added a comfortable elastic drawstring waistband and huge pockets. When they found they could stuff the whole skirt into the zippered security pocket, they knew what they had created.

The Original Adventure Travel Skirt.

They named it the Macabi Skirt, after the Mayan name for bone fish. Ever since, the Macabi has proven to be one of the most rugged, versatile, well-traveled garments on the planet. Macabi wearers send rave reviews from Peru and Nepal, Italy and Arizona. More than customers, they're members of a community. Like Carol, they have finally found a skirt that travels as well as they do.

In 2008 Carol decided it was time to move on and started looking for someone new to take over Macabi Skirt. Mike Engberg and his daughter Amie Conover had both been working with and for Carol for a number of years. Mike handled fulfillment for Carol from his company Navis Pack & Ship. Amie helped Carol with answering emails and processing orders and updating the books. In the summer of 2009, Carol agreed to sell the business to Mike and Amie. Carol continues to provide insight to Mike and Amie as they work to grow the business while maintaining the outstanding quality of Macabi Skirt.

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