5 Adventure Travel Packing Tips

5 Adventure Travel Packing Tips

You probably don't travel every day, so packing for a trip might feel overwhelming. Are you going to need more socks than one pair? Do you need trekking poles? Can you bring more than one suitcase? Are you concerned about losing your passport? Well, when you travel more, you become better at packing and less likely to forget the little things that make travel easier. These tips will help you pack efficiently on your next trip.

  1. List what you need to pack

Make a packing list a couple of weeks before you leave for a trip. Taking your time in packing not only allows you to choose the right clothing depending on the weather and activities you will participate in while you are away, but you can also remember the little things you would otherwise forget if you packed last-minute. Plan out your packing checklist by writing down things you need and things you want. Then, cut your list of wants in half. Avoid taking things you are not absolutely sure you will need, since most things can be bought, rented, or found at your destination. Make a rough list of all the clothes and equipment you plan to bring and decide carefully which items you will bring.

       2. Choose the Right Luggage

When it comes to packing, choosing the right luggage can be a challenge, but having the correct luggage can make it a whole lot easier. Obviously, a smaller bag is going to be easier to carry, but is a smaller bag large enough to hold all the essentials for your trip? The type of items you usually pack, along with the typical duration of your trips, can help you decide what size luggage is best for you.

       3. Pack Smart

Keeping your luggage light and small is the best choice for your trip. A smart way to pack is to keep your things accessible and compress your clothing to make more space.Lighter is better with adventure travel. If you're touring by bike or exploring multiple places, you may move every night, so don't bring a lot of stuff. Having your items rolled up can help you save space and identify them more easily. To cut down on weight, choose clothing with fabric that breathes well, keep moisture away from your body, wrinkle-free and dry quickly. If you are on an adventure traveling, you probably have some items in your closet already. For those of you on a budget, investing in a Macabi skirt, the best skirt for adventure and activity, is a great idea. Visit the website, read the reviews, and select your favorite items here

       4. Keep Important Documents & ID safe

Prepare all important documents for the trip, such as hotel reservations, rental car details, directions, and contact information. Make a copy of your passport and store it in a separate part of your luggage from your real passport; you'll have a backup in the event something happens to your real passport. Your passport, driver's license, travel insurance, and other important items such as credit cards should be with you at all times. In addition, scanning all the important documents, saving them to your phone, and Emailing them to yourself and your contacts at home is a good idea. You’ll then have a backup digital record in case your wallet goes missing on the road.

       5. Weigh Your Bag

The stress of traveling can cause upcharges and items to be discarded at checkpoints since each carrier has their own rules. Getting your luggage weighed before you travel can simplify your trip, reduce pain, and save you money.

Traveling by air provides you with a lot of options when it comes to how much weight you can carry before being charged. Depending on which company you're using and how you travel, you may face restrictions. You may lose access to your things during transportation if you allow your bag to be stowed with heavier luggage. This is not exclusive to airlines; trains, buses, and cruise ships can have restrictions as well. 

When you follow these tips, you're likely to come home with stories from your adventure, rather than an account of the time you missed your flight due to lugging bags. Now that you've mastered packing for adventure travel, plan your next journey!  

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