Here are 15 adventure ideas to fill your weekend

15 Adventure ideas on weekend
When was the last time you went on an adventure? We know it’s probably been for a while, but that’s ok, because most activities that involve adventure can last from weeks to months or even a lifetime. You probably don't have much travel or you have a limited travel option during this pandemic. 
This is the perfect time to see what adventures await you in your area and discover new ones. However challenging the task, the most important thing is to have fun when, at the end, you can say, "wow, that was so much fun!" I'm so glad I did it. 


Check out our fun adventure ideas for the weekend trip below and plan a weekend with your friends filled with new experiences. This will definitely be a memorable weekend!

Are you ready to begin? Pick one out of 15 awesome escapes and get ready to begin…

  1. Take a short hike with your friends/family.
  2. Have a picnic by the river or lake near your house
  3. Camping in your backyard or visiting your favorite camping spot
  4. Try canoe camping with your friends
  5. Take a walk around the local area and see the famous landmarks.
  6. Take up rock climbing / Have a rock-climbing lesson if you’ve never climbed before
  7. Climb to the top of the mountain before sunrise
  8. Go for a bike ride at the beach, in a park, or around your neighborhood
  9. Take a walking tour or take a nature walk in your area.
  10. Take a bike trail trip over the weekend.
  11. Visit your local park.
  12. Enjoy the sunset or catch the sunrise early in the morning
  13. Get out and enjoy seasonal sports like skiing, ice skating, snowboarding or swimming
  14. Visit your local zoo, aquarium, botanical garden, or planetarium
  15. Visit your local farmer’s market.

With these 15 thrilling adventure ideas, we hope you'll have no trouble getting away by doing something different, and reap the great physical, mental, and spiritual benefits that adventure provides.

You can find adventure almost anywhere, whether you travel far away from home or only go a short way. You will also find that your travel companions are an essential part of your experience. Here are 15 different ways to rediscover your own spirit of adventure, no matter what your budget or location might be. You know there’s no limit to how much fun you can have.  So, get out and explore the natural world with your friends by following these fun ideas! 

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