Holiday Gift Guide For Travelers- What And What Not To Buy?

Holiday Gift Guide For Travelers- What And What Not To Buy?

Have a friend kicking off on their holiday trip in a few days and need to gift them something spectacular? We get it.

Choosing gifts can often be hard, especially for our loved ones. Because you always want to give them something memorable.

Here is an ultimate holiday gift guide for travelers which you can follow:

1. Travel Scratch Map Deluxe.

Even though no one uses maps nowadays, this travel scratch map deluxe can make a great gift for anyone heading for a trip out in the mountains. The specialty of this map is that all the countries are coated with gold foil, which you can scratch to mark your location.

And later, when you are done with your trip, you can hang this map on your wall as a souvenir of the adventure.

2. World Travel Adapter.

The name may sound weird to some of you, but this world travel adapter is a game-changer. The world travel adapter can mold itself according to any plug size in just one slide. This would make an incredible gift for anyone who will have to work remotely during the trip.

Additionally, it is compact and lightweight, so you can easily carry it anywhere with yourself.

3. Portable Luggage Scale.

Admit it or not, getting stopped from boarding a plane can be very annoying due to your luggage’s weight. And to make things worse, some airlines even charge you for exceeding the luggage weight limit.

This luggage scale would allow you to weigh your luggage easily at home before leaving for the airport. It will surely save you a lot of time and money.

4. Airplane Moisturizing Kit

Your skin can get quite dry and itchy during long and tiring flights. An airplane moisturizing kit can help a person keep their skin well moisturized and fresh for elongated periods.

The airplane moisturizing kit includes a lip balm, body lotion, and facial moisturizer.

5. Flight Flap – Phone and Tablet Holder

Catching up on your favorite Netflix show is a good way to kill time on a long flight. However, holding your phone in your hands can make your neck cramp after a while. A Flight Flap is a perfect solution to this problem.

It is an efficient phone and tablet holder specially designed for airplanes. This flight flap can make an epic gift since it can hold your device while you sit back and relax!

6. Sleep Phones.

The only way to get some peaceful sleep on an airplane is by using noise-canceling headphones. However, these headphones might not stay put on your head once you doze off and that is why we highly recommend using Sleep Phones.

This sleep phone is a soft headband with thin, removable speakers at each end. One great thing about these sleep phones is that they are wireless and use Bluetooth connectivity so that you can get maximum comfort on the flight.

7. Collapsible Water Bottle

If your friend is heading camping or spending some time in mountainous areas, this collapsible water bottle can be of immense help. The bottle comes with a cool carrying case that can help your water stay chilled for long.

The main specialty of this water bottle is that it can collapse down to pocket size, thus taking no place in your luggage.

8. BioLite AlpenGlo 250

Another great gift for someone who is heading for some outdoor activities is this Bo Lite AlpenGlo 250 lantern. The lantern gives off light depending on the environment and has other customizable options to match your mood.

The lantern could be used for lighting up a friendly get-together or a family dinner. You name it! We have it.

9. Maccabi Skirt.

Last but definitely not least, one incredible gift for travelers is a Maccabi Skirt. It is a wrinkle and water resistant skirt that is easy to convert into pants or shorts by the pant clip system. It’s lightweight, breathable and fashionable with many color options; just perfect for any adventure trip. There is also plenty of storage room in both pockets which are great to stash money, keys, your phone or whatever you want! There is also a zippered security pocket for storing your passport if so desired.

In addition, the Maccabi skirt is made of Nylon Supplex, which is moisture-wicking and fast-drying, enabling it to last longer than other fabrics.

What To Not Buy As A Gift For Travelers?

There is a long list of items that you can gift to travelers; however, there are some items that you must avoid gifting to a traveler unless you want them to be tossed back and never used.

● Souvenirs: the whole point of a trip is to collect lifelong memories. Do not gift souvenirs to any traveler.

● Household Basics: bear in mind that they are heading out for an excursion where they will learn to do things differently. Household basics don’t belong there.

● CDs And DVDs: yes! They were a really thoughtful gift item in the past. But over time, CDs and DVDs have become outdated. Also, who would want to sit back and watch a DVD when they have a whole city to explore.

● Candles: candles might be a more aesthetically pleasing gift, but here we are talking about things that can be used repeatedly, and a candle is definitely not one.

That wraps up our holiday gift guide for travelers. We hope you find something valuable to gift to your travel buddy. Also, remember this guide was based on our own suggestions. The gift you pick can be different but remember to choose something that can be of good use during the trip.