Macabi Hiking Skirt- Review by Marjorie Woodruff

Macabi Hiking Skirt- Review by Marjorie Woodruff

Backpacking background:

I have been backpacking for 42 years, mostly in Arizona but a little in every western state. I have worked in outdoor education/recreation for over 30 years, including 14 years as a professional guide. I hike mostly in the desert, and I like as light a pack as possible while still being prepared for emergencies.  I think a 30-pound (14 K)  pack is heavy.  I do quite a lot of day hikes (three miles (4.8 k) to 15 miles (24 k)).  Overnights are usually four to six days long and cover 8 – 10 miles per day (12.8 k – 16 k). 

Product information:
Manufacturer: Macabi
Year of manufacture: 2008
URL of website: Macabi Skirt
Listed weight: N/A
Weight as delivered: 12 ounces (340 gm)
Days used: 90+

Field Information:
Locations: Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountains
Description of location: Desert, high mountains
Weather conditions: Hot and dry (90 to 120 degrees F, 32-49 c) through cold and windy (20 – 40 degrees F, -7  - 4 degrees c).

Product description:

The Macabi skirt is a nylon travel skirt originally designed for outdoor pursuits or travel in areas where women wearing trousers are frowned upon. It comes in three lengths: short, medium and long. An elastic waist with a drawstring makes for a versatile fit.  There are large inset side pockets and the right-hand pocket has a smaller insert, zippered pocket for valuable items.

I find that hiking in a skirt is extremely comfortable in summer, allowing a free flow of cooling air without chafing. It provides protection for my legs from the sun but doesn’t make me overheat as long pants often do.