The best travel gift for adventure travelers

The best travel gift for adventure travelers

Are you searching for the best travel gift for those adventure travelers in your life this year? It’s not always easy! Whatever the occasion, during the holidays or on a special day like a birthday. You want to give them something that they will love and use on their favorite activities, such as something that will maximize their comfort and versatility during their trip. We’re going to show you some of the useful items that you can give to someone who is constantly traveling, instead of looking for gift ideas all over the internet.

If you’ve spent a lot of time looking for the best travel gift, we highly recommend checking out at the Macabi Skirt! where you'll find one of the best adventure outfits recommended for every adventure.

Most adventure travelers consider the Macabi skirt to be one of the most rugged, versatile, and well-traveled garments on earth. Macabi skirt is much more comfortable and functional than normal skirts or pants, comes with huge pockets to carry everything you don't want to leave in your pack, AND a zippered security pocket for your passport. Moreover, it is suitable for all leisure activities such as gardening, camping, hiking, fishing or trips to town... everything. Its most important feature is its ability to convert between skirt and pants via the pant clip which can be adjusted according to the weather, your activity or your mood. Anyone receiving this skirt as a gift will be appreciated for the best travel gift they could ever hope for.

In your mind, skirts are usually seen as something females wear and not something for men. But what if you're looking for a gift for an adventurous male friend? Surprisingly, we also have a number of male customers who love wearing the Macabi skirt for the freedom it provides as it is also gender neutral.. Find out more about how it works for men 

Let's look at Macabi style and how it works in more detail!

Macabi skirts, the best travel gift for every adventurer, come with 3 different styles; Macabi Original, Macabi Slim Style and Macabi Knee Length.The Original and Slim style skirts are identical other than the Slim style skirt uses a bit less material.  Both the Original and Slim style skirts come in 3 different lengths, multiple sizes for each length and 11 different colors.  Sizes vary based on the length of the skirt.

  • Short length has XS, S, M, L, and XL.
  • Regular length has XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. 
  • Long length has S, M, L, XL, and XXL.
  • The Knee Length has XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. 

All skirts come with 11 different colors Black, Charcoal, Stone, Midnight Blue, Bark, Light Gray, Maroon, Teal, Raspberry Wine ( close out ), Purple Haze ( close out ), Fair Green ( close out )

At this point, you will be able to decide what type of skirt you should give to the adventure travelers as the best travel gift.  But what makes you sure that the skirt you choose for the gift recipient is a good fit? Don’t worry! The following details show how to determine the skirt size: 

To determine your size, measure the circumference of your middle just above the highest point of your hip bone or wherever you want the elastic waistband of the skirt to rest.

Using that measurement, find the size that is closest to your measurement. If you are in between two different sizes, you can choose either size. For example, if the measurement you take is 31 inches, you would be between a Medium and a Large. If you want the extra stretch for pulling the skirt on and off, choose the Large, otherwise the Medium would fit better as the skirts tend to run a little large.

As the best travel gift, you want a skirt that is suitable for all leisure activities. You will also need to consider what length will work best for you. Regular length skirts are 35 inches long (33 inches in XS), the Long skirts are 38 inches long (Small through XL), and the Short skirts are 30 1/2 inches long, 31 inches, 31 1/2 inches and 32 inches in XS, S, M and L respectively.

Using a cloth measuring tape, measure from the place you want the elastic waistband to rest down the center front of your body. Remember that the shape of your body will take up a little of the length you have just measured when you are actually wearing the skirt. Or, you can measure the length of a skirt that you already have to help you find the best length for you.

The Skirt Features:

  • Functions as a Skirt, Pants, and Shorts via Pant Clip and Wading Snaps 100%
  • Nylon Supplex™ which wicks away moisture and is fast drying 
  • Elastic Waistband, Drawstring and Belt Loops
  • Two Oversized Pockets, One Zippered Security Pocket, One Small Inner Pocket
  • Available in multiple lengths, colors and sizes.
  • 30 Day Return Policy

Macabi skirt is considered as the best travel gift that's perfect for:

  • Hiking 
  • Fly Fishing
  • Travel
  • Camping
  • Sightseeing
  • Or Every activity!

 These are some wonderful and useful gift ideas you can choose from. It will be the best travel gift for your friend if they travel frequently and they will be able to use it. Therefore, you are at the right place and can make the decision to purchase from these options and surprise your friend!