What makes Macabi Skirt unique?

What makes Macabi Skirt unique?
What makes Macabi Skirt unique?
If you’ve spent a lot of time looking for the perfect outdoor skirt, take a look at the Macabi Skirt! The Macabi skirt has proven to be one of the most rugged, versatile and well-traveled garments on the planet. Macabi skirt is much more comfortable and functional than normal skirts or pants, comes with huge pockets to carry everything you don't want to leave in your pack, AND a zippered security pocket for your passport. The Macabi skirt is suitable for all leisure activities such as gardening, camping, hiking, trips to town... everything. The Macabi Skirt adapts to changes by converting from skirts to pants suitable for the weather, your activity or your mood
Macabi Skirt Features:
❤️Pant Clip. Lets you adapt to changes in weather, activity or mood
❤️Wading Snaps. Let you go amphibious without changing your clothes
❤️100% nylon Supplex material that is cottony-soft, breathable, resists wrinkles, dries quickly and wicks away moisture (SPF 25+)
❤️Oversized, self-draining pockets. Zippered security pocket. Cell phone pocket.
❤️Elastic waistband, drawstring and belt loops
✔️Available in multiple lengths, colors and sizes