3,000 Miles of Macabi!

3,000 Miles of Macabi skirt

Well, it's time I thanked you for the Macabi Skirt I wore for my 3,000 mile trip on the Pacific Coast Trail this summer. It was the trip of a lifetime and the skirt was FLAWLESS. That skirt made it the whole way, and still looks brand new, minus being bleached from the sun! In southern California it was perfect to shield my legs from the sun. I hiked the skirt up if the sun was directly overhead or if I didn't care about getting burned. It dried REALLY quickly if I wanted to wash it in a stream. There was no way that I could have worn any other article of clothing that would have been as comfortable on my lower body. Thank you so much, and I won't hesitate to recommend this to others and wear it on any future adventures.

Eric P.