Los Alerces National Park, Argentina

I love my Macabi skirt

I LOVE my Macabi skirts. I'm a 3 skirt owner and wear them all over the place. The photo was taken in Los Alerces National Park, Chubut Province, Argentina, near the town of Esquel, where I live now. Unless it's raining, I always wear my skirts hiking.

Last year we went to Buenos Aires for a week in December. The only "bottoms" I packed were the two skirts I owned at the time. we were meeting a friend at the airport and she wore the third skirt I had ordered. I had a hard time getting her to give it up!! She said it was so comfortable and the secuirty pockets were great for traveling through the airports. I wear them walking all over our town, and don't need to carry a purse, as all my necessities are safely tucked away in the pockets.
Looking forward to adding some new colors to my collection soon

Beverly A