Love the practical design and free-flowing lines

fallen in love with Macabi skirt

I don't think I've ever been able to say I've fallen in love with a piece of clothing before until I got my first Macabi Skirt. It's one of the most amazing creations I've ever seen, an ingenious integration of engineering practicality and artistic flow. I loved it so much, in fact, that Macabi express-shipped me another one which arrived the day before I left for Italy.

I spent about 2 weeks in and around Assisi and hiking the Camino de Francesco around the Rieti Valley, which St. Francis had ringed with mountainside sanctuaries. Over the two weeks, I used the skirt in most of its forms--as a long skirt to go into the sanctuaries and to sit on the ground where Francis had slept, meditating; as a short skirt when I got warm hiking; as a one-side-short-one-side-long skirt hiking up trails to get air on the uphill side and hide legs on the downhill; as pants to go into town for dinner. I washed the two skirts every day and found they dried in a matter of a few hours. We got rained on and the skirt kept my legs warm and dry. I was thrilled to find that my airline ticket fit completely in the roomy pockets and the zip pocket was perfect for the money I carried.
Being an engineer by training and an artist by inclination, I can usually think of ways to improve things. But not in this case--the Macabi Skirt is perfect! Now if it were only available in thin cotton which I can take to India :-)

Shih-In M