Macabi Skirts the Most Treasured

Macabi Skirts the Most Treasured

I had been looking for three years for a travel skirt that would suit my personality and style. I found many that just felt too mature and rode a bit too high on my waist, then I found your skirts! I tell everyone traveling to get one. I take it with me everywhere now, and it travels wonderfully. I bought one of your long black skirts two summers ago, and wore it for the first time on a trip to New Orleans. I wish I had pictures, but after 14 hours of driving I was ready for a night out with my family. I loved the skirt so much I bought a second khaki colored regular length skirt.

Both skirts moved with me for a year in England. I spent most of my time doing research and attending classes and my skirt was wonderful, functional, and a welcome addition to my limited wardrobe. I have to say that it was wonderful around the city. It rains a lot in England so you get used to living in a wet place, and this skirt was always dry shortly after the hour walk in the rain, making my life so much easier and more comfortable. Unfortunately every day life doesn't always get a lot of pictures. But I wear both skirts on a regular basis, be it out to dinner, movie, or work. I even clean wearing it!

Half-way through my summer I decided I needed some sun and went to visit a cousin studying art in Italy. I didn't pack a pair of pants and opted to just bring my Macabi Skirts. I wore my regular length skirt the most as it was so hot! But in Pompeii I wore my skirt as shorts, and two days later wore it down to feed the pigeons in Venice.

Of all the clothes I own, my Macabi Skirts are the most treasured. I wish I had found them before I traveled to India, Kenya, Tanzania, and Malawai. They would have really made a difference in my travel comfort, cultural sensitivity, and my mood. I will be moving to Texas for awhile and I am looking forward to packing because I can pack these skirts and will feel like I don't need anything else!

Thanks for making such a great skirt!

Casey Hart