Mission Trip to Africa

Mission Trip to Africa with Macabi skirt

Dear Carol and Team,

I just got back from my seventh mission trip to Malawi and Uganda in Africa. For the last two trips, I have taken my beloved Macabi Skirts. This trip I was blessed to have your two new colors to brighten my wardrobe choices. The new Terra Cotta colored skirt was dressy enough to wear to a wedding, and sturdy enough to sit on the ground and eat with the 350 orphans we feed daily. This photo is of me (the mazunga on the left) along with my sponsored child, Funny and her grandparents.
My teammates called my pockets "magic" because they were amazed at how much stuff I could load in them. The zippered pocket was useful when we were ministering to death row inmates, no pickpocketing! I am VERY grateful for the sturdy drawstring in the skirt as I walk lockstep with at least six children everywhere I go, some clinging and pulling hard on my skirt.
While I have yet to convert any of the skirts other than to shorten them, they are versatile enough as is. They still look good at the end of a long day, grubbing in the dirt, children sitting in my lap and genereal wear and tear. My jammies and t-shirts took three days to dry in Uganda, but my skirts were ready to go by the morning!
Thank you for your product. I can't imagine wearing anything else on a missions trip but your skirts. Because they pack so light and small, I am able to take a huge amount of ministry supplies and reserve only a tiny corner of my suitcase for clothing. God is good!

Pastor Laurette