Mt. Phillips, NM in a skirt

Mt. Phillips, NM in a Macabi skirt

Here I am at 11,744 Feet on top of Mt. Phillips at the Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico in a sleet storm. Philmont is the national Boy Scout High Adventure backpacking camp and I attended twice this summer (unheard of!) leading 2 crews of men and boys on an 11 day, 80 mile trek each time. A woman hiking Philmont is not that uncommon, but to do it in a skirt was a first. The second time I went, my reputation preceeded me. Staffers knew me as the lady in the dress. My Macabi could have sold off my body several times. Extremes of temperature, rain, snow and cold were no match for my Macabi! If ony it were made in the same olive green as my scout uniform and I could wear it all the time. Thanks for such a great invention. . . my demonstration of the various ways to wear it provded some much needed levity at times, and the big pouch formed by snapping up the sides came in handy several times to carry extra food from the swap box back to our campsite.

Judi K, assistant Scoutmaster