Skirts and Snow in Japan

Skirts and Snow in Japan with macabi skirt

I just returned from a 2-week February trip to Japan, including the Sapporo Snow Festival. I wandered the festival for 5 hours in a driving snowstorm, wearing my black Macabi Skirt with tights and 2 pairs of silk long johns underneath. I was perfectly warm, dry and comfortable the whole time. Snow just slides off of the skirt and the skirt stays dry; it sheds snow much more effectively than my snow jacket. Amazing.

The skirt was also very handy for layering in changing weather; all I had to do was carry an extra pair of long underwear in my day bag, pop into the ladies' room and slip it on under the skirt, or take a pair off if it got warmer. Try doing that in a pair of pants! Also, the tiny pocket inside the left-side pocket was the perfect place to stash my lip balm.
Thanks Macabi!

Erin E.