Strenuous climb in the Alps

In the field with Macabi Skirt

I sure enjoyed my Macabi Skirt on the Alp's journey. It was perfect for the evening dinner in the Chalets and also the one clean thing I had to change into, until the 2nd to last day of hiking. It rained heavily in the evening the night before and in the morning was a bit cool. I hadn't hiked in the skirt so decided it would be great to keep the wet bushes off my legs, but not be too warm to hike in, as pants would be. I figured I'd change out of it, if needed, to shorts. I ended up wearing it all day on a strenuous climb, continuing to hike up the sides, etc. I even collected berries by forming a front pocket using the Pant Clip strap clipped to the small loop on the inside front seamline.

That evening, still in my Macabi Skirt, I wandered in the meadows, admiring the flowers and all the different types we don't have in the NA wilds but that I know from nurseries and my garden.

T. Cottingham