Stylish At Any Size

Stylish At Any Size with Macabi skirt

So obviously I'm a plus-sized woman. While my size and fair skin caused a stir on our trip to Thailand and Cambodia last spring, my attire was always appropriate. Because mid-April is the height of the hot season, chaffing was a big concern. Wearing one of my wonderful Macabi skirts - either the black one or the charcol one - and a pair of bicycle shorts underneath, it was a non-issue. We celebrated Songkran, the Thai New Year, in Chiang Mai. Part of the fun is participating in the 4 day water "fight", where the entire population douses each other with buckets and buckets of water, mostly from the moat that surrounds the city. It's all done with respect and in fun - truly, the only time we were ever hit in the face with water was from another Westerner (hmm?!?). Our first day there, within the first block from our hotel, it was as if we'd stood under a shower for 20 mins and then walked out on the street - we were soaked to our skivvies in a matter of minutes. It was great fun! And while I did swap skirts out each day, I could have worn the same one each day, since it was always dry the next morning. The only time my skirt was an issue was on the elephant trek, but only because the bench I sat on was vinyl and with the slick material of the skirt, whenever we'd go up or downhill, I'd slip and slide. It was an amazing experience, but the next day I felt like I'd been beaten because I had been holding on so tight. The prospect of falling off an elephant was not a pleasant one!

While I know I'm not the only woman of size out there exploring the world, I wanted to share my story and my images for others to see since I initially hesitated buying a Macabi skirt because I was unsure of how they would look on and work with my body type. I'm so glad I took the leap of faith to buy 2 of these wonderful creations as they were indispensible on our trip, and are great, just in general, for day to day living in the sultry South (aka Atlanta, GA). Perhaps this will ease others concerns and have them out there stylishly clad on their own adventures. I'm proud to be a member of the Macabi club!

Dona Z.