The Perfect Skirt for Egypt and Jordan!

The Perfect Skirt for Egypt and Jordan with Macabi skirt

I recently returned from a 21 day trip to the Middle East, which included stops in Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan, Luxor, Amman, Jerash, and Petra among the many highlights. Before leaving, I googled "best travel skirt," which led me to the Macabi Skirt website. After reading up on it I decided to purchase 3 skirts to take along with me. I tend to usually overpack on my trips, and was really making an effort this time to be consistent with keeping my clothing needs to a minimum, but also to be sure that I felt comfortable enough with looking good, and having a variety of outfits, as well as fitting in well with the local culture. My Macabi Skirts were PERFECT. They were pretty much all I ended up wearing and met all of my needs. I wore them mostly as skirts and this was perfect as far as fitting in comfortably with the local environment, and also SO much more cooler than my friends who were in khakis or capris.

In case of wet bathroom floors, or if we went on camel or horseback, I simply clipped up the skirt into pants and never worried about getting my skirt dirty or perhaps showing too much uncovered skin! At one point, in Alexandria, I was walking along the promenade by the Mediterranean, and it was VERY windy; my Macabi Skirt was clipped up into pants, and they seemed to be catching the air in them and blowing up a bit higher than I was comfortable with - so, I simply unclipped them, and was then perfectly attired in an ankle-length skirt. This was a great example of how well the skirt can immediately adjust to fit the environment.

Even aside from the point that I felt these were the most comfortable and versatile pieces of clothing I had, the other very strong attributes include the extremely FAST time it takes for the skirt to dry. In some cases (especially on our Nile cruise) I would wash my skirt, hang it out, and it would dry in about 2 hours! Plus, the deep pockets held just about everything I needed for our daily tours, including cash, id, water, and sunglasses; the additional security zippered pocket ensured that I didn't worry about my money falling out AND the elastic waistband was PERFECT for those buffet meals on the cruise ship days! I also got many comments from my fellow travelers who were quite intrigued with all the different things my skirt could do, too!
Thank you again,

Suzanne G.