Trekking the Everest Trail

Trekking the Everest Trail with macabi skirt

We have just returned from our first trek on the Everest Trail. The second day out, I stopped to hook up my Macabi skirt for the long climb up to Namche Bazaar, and looked up to see that our Sherpa Jambu found this skirt/pants arrangment to be hilariously funny. I then showed him how it can be further snapped up on the sides to form a type of shofts, and he nearly fell over laughing. When we finally rejoined our larger group two days later, Jambu insisted on having me demonstrate the skirt/pants/shorts to the great amusement of the other Sherpas. Without a doubt, this was the most useful, important, and funny piece of clothing I used!

3 of the 5 women in our group wore Macabi Skirts, but somehow we never got a pic of the 3 of us together in the skirts. My husband and I live in Wyoming in the summers and I can't wait to use this skirt on the trail there - perfectly lightweight, cool, and should work well to fight off the bugs there.

Julie G.