Wish I had worn it in Iran

The skirt for men

Received the skirt on time Friday. Immediately struck by how light weight the skirt is. I wanted to wear it at an Instructor Development course being held on Saturday. The guys got a good laugh! Hey, I'm the boss and getting ready to retire!

It got a quick and agressive workout. First you have to know the Garvey curse. I teach, it rains. The rain and humidity here in the Northeast coast has been unrelenting. Yesterday the rain was torrential. I rarely cancel class due to weather. I wore the Macabi Skirt, and a techwear wicking shirt. Though thoroughly wet, as each front passed through I had a half hour or so to dry off. I took the skirt off, wrung it out, spun it around my head and put it back on. Soon I was completely dry. My colleagues wearing their duty BDU's stayed wet all day.
I found that when the skirt was completley wet it tended to shrink wrap around my legs and when climbing up a steep slope restricted movement. I hitched it up as illustrated on your site and when I stumbled the snap tether broke instantly by the force of my knees falling forward. I found it easier to just hike it up as I walked.

When teaching rigging systems I am often on my knees. With the skirt tucked in it worked great.
I like the deep pockets, but putting any object of weight in them is not practical from my point of view. A possible idea is to make the pockets water resistant as all the contents got quite wet. Realistically I would have worn a small hip pack--I just wanted to try out the pockets. I'd also like to see wider and more robust belt loops.

I have been in the Medical and Tactical Special Operations community for thirty years. I take every detail of the equipment I use seriously. I wish I had worn the Macabi when I was in Iran last summer. I like your product and am already thinking about another.

I have attached photos from the class and a couple of others. The construction kilt is from Amerikilt (www.amerikilt.com). I have worn it daily at a barn renovation project. Wears like iron and is very practical.
I also attached a picture of my formal kilt. Intersting story. I was asked to give a lecture on Islamic relations on Saint Patrick's Day. Long story!
The Macabi Skirt is a very fine product and I believe you have found an excellent niche.